When Art is The Solution: A Guerrilla Art Campaign Fights Extreme Poverty

I wrote this article for RESPECT.

National Art Campaign of Compassion

National Art Campaign of Compassion

Traveling through the streets of Skidrow an anonymous street artist called Skid Robot uses art to give hope to the hopeless. He has been spray painting around the homeless offering a glimpse of comfort for those in need. The ones who typically ignore the poor are now drawn to the images on the walls forcing them to acknowledge that 610,042 people are reportedly experiencing homelessness on any given night in the United States. According to their website, the guerrilla art campaign aims to start a “dialogue for a solution to extreme poverty.” Skid Robot tells the story of “desperate dreamers across the U.S. who are experiencing homelessness” through art and film.

#busstopblues #dreamin of a #jaguar…#begrateful#stayhumble #desperatedreamers #slumdogslumber #skidrobot

A photo posted by Skid Robot (@skidrobot) on Oct 10, 2014 at 7:58pm PDT

The campaign aims to raise awareness and create a fund to support the homeless. His graffiti pieces are not ornate, they are rapidly painted using a single color focusing on content and meaning rather than aesthetics.

Robot uses art, activism and social media to make the temporary permanent.Using eye catching hashtags like: “#Fuckthepolice” and “#artisnotacrime,”he grabs the attention of viewers and keeps them in bated breath. Despite his brash methods, he ultimately releases a message of compassion and humanity. According to their Go Fund Me account, a preview of video footage for a documentary they are working on will be available soon.

Join the cause and donate: here

I have reached out to the anonymous street artist for an exclusive interview.


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