Discover Bicicleta Sem Freio’s Beautiful Chaos


Wrote about the talented group for RESPECT.

Bicicleta Sem Freio, a Brazilian collective, was recently in Italy working on a limited edition print for Mission To Art with Street Art News. The print is part of the “JustKids Euro Tour” which took artists across Europe for them to paint to walls of Italy, England and Germany. The print, “Providence,” is off a small 35 pieces edition. It measures 50 x 70cm and will be on sale Thursday October 16th at 6PM BST for £120 each on Strret Art News’ store.


The piece merges hectic colors, symbols of freedom and hints of chaos. While the character’s head is covered in birds, a symbol for liberty, she appears sickly and tense. In addition, the eye on her chest, reminiscent of the Illuminati symbol, makes it seem like the character is being watched or that she feels trapped. The ropes around her thumbs are restrictive and are  limiting her movement in a suffocating manner. You will also notice that elements in the background are not existent. It is simply composed of a vibrant yellow and a strong black, the lack of context quickly becomes haunting.


If you are a fan of street art make sure to go on RESPECT.

Photo Credit : Elisabetta Riccio


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