Street Art: OakoAk, The Mind Of An Artist

OakOakFrench artist OaKoAk brings color and humor to the streets. A couple weeks ago he painted Sideshow Bob in his natural habitat: behind bars. Coming from Saint Etienne, an old industrial city, OakoAk strives to bring some light to a gray city. “Humor is really important to me. It’s definitely the most important element in what I do,” he says. The artist carefully plans his pieces by first measuring and studying his wall, returning later to compose the collage.


OakoAk truly has the mind of an artist. He sees beauty in the uncommon, the forgotten, or ignored. In his hands, an old abandoned building becomes a work of art. Instead of using a wall as a canvas, like most street artists, OakoAk incorperates the full surroundings of his piece. Above, the presence of a broken pink TV-screen adds to the feeling of emptiness in Moe’s face. The shattered screen seems to be a metaphor for the character’s broken dreams.

Check out more of his work below:



OakOakRead more of the interview: here

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